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Unleash Your Inner Artist

Singing Private Class Package

DeMaia Art Studio “Private Vocal Class Package” – All ages – 4 classes

To be used within a month of purchase

Students, who regularly attend our vocal classes, will learn:

•Vocal Exercises and Techniques to strengthen vocal cords and flexibility from chest voice to head voice
•Correct breathing and build strong habits while singing
•Performance through body language, emotional connection to song through voice projections and dynamic shifts in tone
•A song that showcases vocal range, all skills learned and potential for expansive Artist growth
•The structures of songs, how music is composed and their most traditional structures in Pop – (Verse, Hook, Verse, Bridge, Hook)
•How to write poetry with melodies, learning how to express the inner-Artist through composing songs
•Performance for an audience skills through recitals and regular sessions with peers

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