Franchesca Maia


Franchesca Maia is an artist and musician of Russian-Colombian descent, celebrated for her unique ability to weave her rich cultural heritage and personal experiences into her creative endeavors. Born in London, UK, Franchesca spent much of her early childhood there, while also growing up in the vibrant surroundings of Marbella, Spain with her mother. This blend of environments contributed to her eclectic artistic style, which continues to evolve.

As a young teen, Franchesca moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Franchesca quickly became a successful child actress and starred in popular Hollywood TV shows and movies. In the process, Franchesca continued to develop her artistic talents by learning how to sing, write songs, compose beats, and play the piano. As a proud Russian-Colombian, she draws deep inspiration from her diverse cultural background, incorporating elements into her work. 

Franchesca’s journey in art began in her early adult years when she moved to South Florida, where she currently resides. Drawing inspiration from her mother DeMaia, Franchesca began to experiment with fluid art and acrylic painting. She quickly learned she had a passion for expressing herself through all art forms.

Franchesca’s artistry is closely intertwined with her family life, particularly her collaboration with her mother at their co-joined business, DeMaia House. Through DeMaia House, Franchesca channels her passion for storytelling into their brand while simultaneously sharing her life experiences and cultural narratives through her paintings and music. Her work not only reflects her personal journey but also invites audiences to experience the diverse worlds that have shaped her creative vision. Franchesca began to release her own music composed by her on all streaming platforms this year in 2024. She continues to release her work into the world as she incorporates her art into her cover artworks for her songs that Franchesca releases monthly. Her desire to create tangible expressions of her inner-world through colors, shapes and melodies allow her to intertwine her visual and sonic worlds, creating a full sensory experience that captivates anyone who comes across her work.

DeMaia and Franchesca came together as they connected through both of their love for art to create a world that would evoke an element of surprise and wonder for others. Their passion transcends all mediums to inspire feelings that awaken all the senses. From their alluring fragrances in their DeMaia House candles, to their delicately beautiful sculptures in their home décor collection inspired by the enchanting allure of ancient Venice and Roman mythology, their values align to create a symphony of creativity that brings warmth to everyone’s sanctuary.

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