DeMaia specializes in a variety of styles, including surrealism, abstract, and abstract-realism, all interwoven with her signature innovative 3D Relief Art techniques. Her surrealistic works are dreamlike and otherworldly, transporting viewers to realms where the impossible becomes possible. Her abstract pieces, are a dance of shapes and colors, capturing the essence of emotions and ideas that words cannot convey. In her abstract-realism works, DeMaia strikes a delicate balance, merging the abstract with the tangible to create compositions that are both thought-provoking and visually stunning. In every brushstroke and every sculpted form, DeMaia’s art tells a story. They are experiences that invite viewers to explore the depths of their own imaginations.


DeMaia, a name that echoes in the corridors of contemporary art, is a visionary painter whose works transcend the conventional boundaries of artistic expression. Born in the vibrant city of Moscow, Russia, DeMaia’s journey began amidst the rich cultural tapestry of Eastern Europe. Her early years were steeped in the grandeur of Russian artistic traditions, yet her creative spirit was destined for an expansive odyssey.

Moving to London, England, during her formative teen years, DeMaia’s artistic vision was nurtured by the eclectic and dynamic art scene of the British capital. Here, she absorbed a multitude of influences, from the avant-garde movements of the 20th century to the cutting-edge innovations of contemporary art.

DeMaia’s next chapter unfolded in her late 20s, in the sun-kissed landscapes of Marbella, Spain. The Mediterranean’s vivid colors and serene beauty infused her work with a new dimension of light and texture. It was in this picturesque locale that DeMaia began to experiment with 3D Relief Art, pushing the boundaries of the canvas to create works that engage the viewer in an experience that draws them deeply into the realm of their own imagination.

Having lived in Los Angeles, USA , since 2011, DeMaia now moved to South Florida in 2020, where she continues to evolve and innovate in the vibrant art the local community. Her current work is a testament to her life’s journey, reflecting the diverse cultures and experiences that have shaped her.

DeMaia and Franchesca came together as they connected through both of their love for art to create a world that would evoke an element of surprise and wonder for others. Their passion transcends all mediums to inspire feelings that awaken all the senses. From their alluring fragrances in their DeMaia House candles, to their delicately beautiful sculptures in their home décor collection inspired by the enchanting allure of ancient Venice and Roman mythology, their values align to create a symphony of creativity that brings warmth to everyone’s sanctuary.

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